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Unlock Clients hard earned cash by using our service to check if there are outstanding Capital Allowances on the following types of commercial property. Agricultural Buildings Industrial Buildings Hotels Commercial Buildings Offices and Shops Furnished Holiday Lets
We check if Capital Allowances are due

Commercial Agents - Use your Clients

Capital Allowances entitlement to add

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In 3 Steps

Step 1 - Step 2 - We ask a few questions about your Clients Commercial Property. Step 3 - We provide you with the Capital Allowances tax relief results, that can be claimed by your Client. You can also use our Capital Allowances star logo to win new Buyers by advertising the benefits of the capital allowances identified. We help you to win more instructions from discerning Clients.

Selling A Commercial Property?

Commercial Agents - Use the star logo to advise your potential Buyers that your Sellers commercial property comes with tax relief What Are Capital Allowances? A UK business can claim tax relief on specific types of capital expenditure. The business deducts the tax relief (capital allowances) from the overall corporate or income tax on its profits. The allowances are outlined in the Capital Allowances Act 2001

Why Claim Capital Allowances?

Your UK business Clients pay less tax when they take professional advice on what Capital Allowances to claim for. Alternatively your Buyers can look forward to receiving tax relief on their new property purchase from your agency.

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